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Uiltjie:  The Caring Owl
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​​​​​​​Welcome to "The Caring Owl"

We have launched this website to bring you the amazing story of a very special and truly magnificent African Spotted Eagle Owl called “Uiltjie” or maybe better known as “The Caring Owl” and some of his amazing friends. There is "Pathetic" the young Spotted Eagle owl with two broken legs and a broken wing that was adopted by Uiltjie; "Tokkelosh," the blind spotted eagle owl that has so far adopted and reared 14 orphans; "Romeo and Juliet," two Barn owls that nest in an owl box on our verandah; "Papa and Mama Khulu," two Giant Eagle owls and of course, last but not the least, "Tiny" the little Scops owl with the immensely big heart that has made it her mission in life to adopt orphaned Barn owlets, four times her own size.

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