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We live on a small farm called “Elandskloof” near Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. We do not actually farm for a living, but have made it our mission in life to take care of, and provide shelter to mistreated, abandoned and injured animals.

We currently have the following animals in our permanent care and provide for them out of our own funding:

± 25 cats, 15 dogs, 20 donkeys, 17 horses, 2 pigs,  4 Dwarf goats, 1 Rock Monitor, ± 50 Yellow Billed ducks, 1 Harrier Hawk, 1 Rock Kestrel, 1 Barn Owl, 1 Scops owl, 2 blind Spotted Eagle owls and a lot of other smaller birds and animals.

All of these animals have been either mistreated, abandoned or injured and have been sent to us by the local pet care association or the local vets. Some of them just found their own way to our farm, like "Uiltjie" and decided to stay. We try our best to provide a safe haven to all of them. All animals like dogs and cats are spayed or neutered at our own cost as soon as their condition allows it.

Since the arrival of “Uiltjie”, my Spotted Eagle Owl, on the farm, rehabilitating owls became my very personal mission in life. I have come to love these magnificent, but yet mysterious creatures of the night with all my heart and if I had the necessary funding, I would have loved to do rehabilitation of raptors on a permanent basis.

There is however a saying that Rome wasn’t built in one day, so maybe one day my dream will come true and I will be able to devote my life towards making the world a better place for owls. But at this stage I suppose that I’ll have to be content with taking it day by day, owl by owl.

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