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(The true story of a rehabilitated Spotted Eagle Owl (Bubo Africanus) that has made it his mission in life to take care of injured and orphaned birds.)
This is the true, but yet amazing story of a spotted eagle owl (Bubo africanus) that was raised by humans and did not know how to fend for himself. After he escaped or was set free, his hunger drove him back to populated areas in search for food. His journey eventually took him to the farm of the author, Chris Pretorius, where he not only found food, but a new loving and caring human family.
Though Chris always wanted to have an owl as a pet, deep in his heart he knew that an owl was meant to be free, to hunt and to have a real owl family, so he began with the rehabilitation of “Uiltjie”, maybe better known as “The Caring Owl”, not for one moment realizing what impact this owl’s journey to freedom would have on, not only him and his family, but on people all around the world. But it is not only people’s lives that were touched by this truly remarkable owl, no “Uiltjie” became a foster parent, not only to his own kind, but to all injured raptors that found their way to “Elandskloof”, the farm of the author. “Uiltjie” even adopted the author’s old cat and brought rodents to her, trying in his own way to take care of her and everything that Chris was taking care of.

Please feel free to join us every week for a new chapter in the remarkable life of this truly magnificent and amazing owl. It is not only a story about an owl, but also about a family that dedicated their lives towards helping all injured and mistreated animals, providing not only a safe haven to these animals, but a real caring and loving home.

Next Week:  Chapter 9:  First Adoption (To be published  16 July 2014) - In this chapter "Uiltjie" adopts his first orphaned owlet


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